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Freeland Hall Checklist


The hall, kitchen and toilets must be left in a clean and tidy condition for the next user. This is expected from all people using the hall.


Cleaning implements including a vacuum cleaner, mop, brooms, cleaning cloths and rubbish bags, are stored in the cupboards near the kitchen. 


Tasks – please ensure;

  • all outside areas are free of cigarette stubs or litter


  • all exterior and internal lights have been turned off


  • all external doors are locked including external doors from kitchen area, and that latches are down on doors to garden


Hall and entrance hall

  • the floor has been swept and is free of hazards and litter

      (Any spillages should be mopped with a slightly damp cloth and wiped dry)

  • all windows and fire doors are shut, including the doors to the storage area



  • work surfaces are wiped clean and floor is swept

  • fridges and freezer have been emptied

  • dishwasher has been emptied of crockery and water – see instructions on wall

  • all electrical appliances have been switched off ie cooker and hood

      water heater dishwasher but not fridges or freezer

  • bins have been emptied

  • items for recycling have been taken away

  • sufficient kitchen roll available for next hirers (Spares in the cupboard)



  • toilets are all flushed

  • the bins are emptied

  • there are sufficient toilet rolls in place for next users (Spare toilet rolls in the cupboard)

  • there is sufficient soap and sanitiser for hand washing for next users (Spares in the cupboard)


Storage area

  • table tops are cleaned thoroughly

  • tables and chairs stacked appropriately as per plan on wall in storeroom

  • floor clean


Music System

  • switched off and cable placed in store room.


If the hirer does not leave the hall in an appropriate condition the deposit will be forfeited.

By order of Freeland Village Hall Management Committee

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