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Below you’ll find a list of our most frequently asked questions 

For further information, please contact the Booking Secretary at

1) What time can I access the Hall?

From the times you requested on the Booking Form


2) Can I use the toys in the store room?

No sorry, the toys belong to the Mother and Toddler group not the Village Hall


3) Can we have a bouncy castle in the Hall?

Yes, provided it’s not too big and you protect the floor


4) How do I get access to the Hall?

You will be sent preferably by email the key code for the key safe a couple of days before your event


5) How long does a provisional booking last?

3 days and then we will require a completed booking form and deposit to secure the booking


6) How can I pay?

You can either pay by cheque or BAC’s transfer, details are on the Booking Form


7) Can I play music?

Yes, we have facilities to connect your ipod, iphone or equivalent musical devices


8) Do you have cups & saucers?

Yes we do, and plates too! We do NOT provide pots and pans, sharp knives, tea towels, glasses etc. 


9) Can we have a marquee?

Yes, but a site visit is necessary to agree where it is erected, plus we need to agree a time for putting it up and bringing down so it does not disrupt other hirers.


10) When do I get my deposit back?

After your event a committee member will check the Hall and let the Treasurer know if any damage has occurred. The Treasurer will release the deposit back to you usually within two days of your event.


11) When do I need to pay the full hire fee?

At the latest two weeks before the date of your event


12) Does the Hall have a urn for making tea/coffee

Yes, we have a hot water machine in the kitchen

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