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Conditions of Hiring the Hall

Booking Conditions

  1. The person booking the hall is also responsible for payment.

  2. Regular (repeated) bookings can be taken on weekdays only.

  3. Payments for regular weekly bookings should be made monthly or termly as agreed.

  4. The balance of payment must be made 14 clear days in advance of use of the hall.

  5. A deposit of £100 is required at the time of booking for occasional (non-regular) bookings. This will be forfeited in whole or part in case of damage, failure to clear up the hall after the function, failure to stop the function by midnight or cancellation (other than in the event of national disaster, very bad weather or at the Committee’s discretion). If damage is caused that exceeds £100 to repair, the person booking the hall will be responsible for the full extent of the repair costs.

  6. The premises licence and fire regulations dictate that the maximum capacity of the hall is 100 in total. If by chance the numbers exceed 100 e.g. in the event of an open public meeting the catches on both of the fire doors leading to the patio must be unlocked to enable both leaves of the doors to swing open when pushed in an emergency.

Management of events:

  1. The person hiring the Hall or a person designated as supervisor of an event shall ensure effective overall management of regulated entertainment. This includes monitoring noise levels outside the premises, to ensure that noise from such activities is effectively inaudible inside neighbouring premises after 11 p.m. All external doors and windows in areas where any regulated entertainment (other than incidental background music) occurs are to be kept shut during these activities. Persons holding dances/receptions etc. at which music and alcoholic beverages are available are asked to show due consideration to those who live near the hall.

  2. For teenage discos and/or parties, bookings must be made by parents who will be held responsible for supervision and any damage caused. A zero tolerance approach to alcohol should be adopted when under 18’s parties are booked with checks made that no alcohol is brought on to the premises or consumed in the car park

  3. When entering or leaving the car park, users should respect a modest speed to ensure the safety of others.  All users should park with consideration of other users.

  4. The function in the hall must cease by midnight at the latest and the hall cleaned and tidied, the hall securely locked, and keys returned to the key safe. The regulation applies to all days of the week. If users wish to clean the hall the following morning, a separate booking must be made in advance except for wedding bookings where the evening before from 6.00pm and the day after until 11.00am are included.

  5. Children are not allowed in the kitchen unaccompanied.

  6. Persons using the hall are responsible for their own safety when using equipment and appliances

  7. No smoking is allowed in the hall.

  8. No candles or naked flames are allowed in the hall.

  9. The Committee has a right of entry if they have reason to think that the conditions of hire are not being observed. Furthermore, the Committee reserves the right to refuse or revoke any booking.

Alcoholic beverages:

  1. Alcohol must not be sold on the premises unless those booking the hall have obtained a licence to do so. This will normally be issued by WODC under a “Temporary Event Notice” (TEN). For a standard TEN, two copies of the application form must be sent to the Licensing Authority (West Oxfordshire District Council, Elmfield, Witney, at least ten working days in advance with the fee of £21(cheques made payable to West Oxfordshire District Council). “Ten working days” means ten working days exclusive of the day on which the event is to start, exclusive of the day on which the notice is given and exclusive of weekends and Bank Holidays. Also, one copy must be sent to the Police and Environmental Health on the same day. For further details and addresses see:

  2. If a Temporary Event Notice is obtained, a copy must be given to the Booking Secretary, as only 12 are permitted in a 12 month period. For functions where admission is charged but no “Temporary Event Notice” is held, alcohol must not be brought and consumed on the premises without the express consent of the Committee.

  3. For Freeland Village Clubs and Groups for which consumption of alcohol is an incidental part of an event, it may be possible for the event to be licensed under the auspices of the Hall Premises Licence, provided that, in the judgement of the Booking Secretaries, the event needs no supervision by the Hall Trustees. Clubs and Groups should apply in writing at the time of their booking application to the Booking Secretaries with a clear statement of what is intended by way of alcohol consumption and who will be responsible in the Club or Group for behaviour and control of alcohol consumption at the event.  The personal responsible must be a Freeland Village resident.

  4. Alcohol drink measures: When alcohol is sold or supplied on the premises, drinks must be available in the following measures: beer or cider – half pint; gin, rum, vodka or whisky – 25ml or 35ml; still wine in a glass - 125ml.  Those serving drinks must make customers aware of the availability of these measures.

  5. Age verification policy: People who appear to be under the age of 18, must be asked, before being served alcohol, to produce identification showing their photograph, their date of birth and a holographic mark. Examples of acceptable ID include: photo card driving licences, passports or proof of age cards bearing the PASS hologram or other forms of ID which meet the criteria laid out above.

  6. Drunk and Disorderly Behaviour and Supply of Illegal Drugs. The Hirer shall ensure that in order to avoid disturbing neighbours to the hall and avoid violent or criminal behaviour, care shall be taken to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. Drunk and disorderly behaviour shall not be permitted either on the premises or in its immediate vicinity. Alcohol shall not be served to any person suspected of being drunk or to any person suspected of being under the age of 18. Any person suspected of being drunk, under the influence of drugs or who is behaving in a violent or disorderly way shall be asked to leave the premises.

No illegal drugs may be brought onto the premises.

Condition of the Hall:

  1. Anyone finding the hall in an unsatisfactory condition must notify the booking secretary immediately or in his or her absence another member of the Committee. The complaint will be investigated and the findings reported to the Committee.

  2. When cooking in the kitchen, users must ensure that the cooker hood ventilation system is used to prevent condensation (and slippery floors) occurring elsewhere in the hall.

  3. It is a requirement of the hall insurers that prior to the premises being vacated, a thorough inspection be made to ensure that all waste materials have been emptied into to the outside containers.

  4. In the unlikely event of the hall being closed at short notice, for any reason, full refunds will be given.

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